Sandy Nall delights in her amazing results at the Holistic Living Expo in Palo Alto, CA.

Just a few excerpts
from our glowing, radiant customers……

"The first time I used that SeaMasque It was like TEN YEARS dropped off my face! As my friend said, It’s a MIRACLE!” Suzanne M., Van Nuys, CA

“I was skeptical, but I loved it! I had little bumps under my eyes. It cleared it up completely. I looked like I've had a face lift after I used all three products at once. I should do all the time but I don't find the time. I've been out of Elixir of Minerals for 2 weeks. Send it immediately!!! I love them all!!! Audrey Bello, Port Washington, NY

“I have spent thousands of dollars on sticky, gooey oils and creams and they don’t penetrate and stay on my skin and I’m dry again. Elixir of Minerals keeps me moist for the entire day. It keeps me moist and fresh all day long. I love it!: Margaret Walsh. Green Brae, CA “ I love it! It's the best product I've ever used in my life. I see such a big difference in my skin! I could sell that product. It's the best! I've been using it for a year-and-a-half and every time I use it, somebody tells me I looked radiant. Even if I don't leave it on very long, but only five minutes or so, the results are amazing! " Melissa Klar, San Francisco, CA

“ I'm writing this in August, an incredibly dry time here in the Sierra Nevada foothills. As a gardener and herbalist, I am outdoors a lot during this season and have to take intensive measures to keep my skin adequately moisturized, especially at age 47. However, I am utterly amazed at this incredible product – the Elixir is keeping my skin moisturized perfectly. I really cannot believe it! " “Thank you from the dry sauna capitol of California.” Patricia Kaminski, Nevada City, CA

“ I get a real glow. The products used together softens fine lines and gives a softer, younger look to my skin. I love your products! People comment on my skin especially right after a complete treatment! " Donna Larson, Vashon Island, WA “ A friend of mine gave me an Elixir of Minerals because I had developed an allergy to Efudex, a prescription cream for a spot on my cheek. My face was red all over and puffy it, especially on the ‘spot side’ . A couple of days after I started using the Elixir I could feel and see my skin getting better and I liked the feel and the results! I’ll take 2 more”. Evylyn Sparacino “My skin appears more clear and definitely softer. The fine lines under my eyes have become less visible. Elixir of Minerals is very light and non-greasy. Makes my skin soft and smooth.” Lori Ann Hartnett, Bayonne, NJ

“I have been getting professional facials every month for eight years and I've never had the kind of results from using your products. I went from bumpy, spotty skin to smooth clean skin. I'm not experiencing the usual breakouts. I love your goop!” Christine Maggiore“I am such a big fan of these products, especially the Elixir of Minerals! This liquid humectant put moisture back on my face that lasted the whole day. There is no other product like this! My mother is using it now and says she can't live without it. She loves the way the humectant actually seals, allowing her make up to stay on longer. Our skin has never felt this way or looked this clear. We owe it all to you for our youthful appearance!” Gina Gullino, New York

“The results are GREAT! I used glycolic acid in the past with drying, burning results. SeaMasque leaves my skin soft, polished, and glowing. It is actually drawing out clogged pores I've had in my T-zone for years. The Elixir is great! I have gone from three heavy, bulky bottles to one a small bottle of a miracle fluid! It goes right into my skin, leaving it soft and smooth. The Purely Poreless is the best! It’s making my acne scars and fine lines disappear. I have a small acne scar that is a small hole, literally. This stuff is making the hole smaller and smaller and I have hope it will disappear as well" Kathleen Pierce, Palo Alto, CA

“I LOVE your product!…it leaves my face with a very nice tight, and yet supple feeling… my skin was real bad before and I had been seeing my dermatologist. " Terry Sue, Los Angeles“…It’s fantastic!…It’s *&%# AWESOME how well it works! I bought one for my roommate’s birthday gift " Tanya N., LA

“I've had problem acne for 39 years (since puberty). THESE ARE THE ONLY PRODUCTS THAT I FEEL TOTALLY POSITIVE ABOUT! I use the Elixir every day and feel it truly makes a difference in the health of my skin.” Marcia Radin, Spencer, NY

“... And when I rinsed off, WOW! My skin felt like a baby’s butt! I'd glow even more than when I was pregnant and everyone says so!!” Marla Finn, Scottsdale, AZ

“… I was dry and oily, had bumps on my forehead the dermatologist said were there to stay… in three weeks they were gone…I have a different glow and flexibility… my skin looks better and then when I was pre-acne! Danielle Guttman, Chatsworth, CA

“Glowing reviews to Hannesdottir for the phenomenal pure Icelandic skin care formulas. I not only see changes in facial skin but feel its’ electromagnetic properties that transform and rejuvenates. Long lasting and inexpensive so ‘a little dab will do you’. It’s absolutely one of a kind.” Sandra Sitzman, Polson, MT

“Purely Poreless is great! It does the trick. I’ll be 50 in a week and I’ll use it just hours before, I love it! I need more Elixir of Minerals too.” Lea Walters, San Rafael, CA

“ I went home to New Mexico. And that's putting your products to the ultimate test to see how dry my skin would get. I’d been using Estee Lauder cold cream before 2 or 3 times per day, but it would just evaporate. Your Elixir of Minerals kept it moist!” Cathy Chavez, CA

“The skin on my neck and lower jaw areas looked to me to be losing their firmness and tightness. When I saw a skin treatment system that I was told would guarantee a new condition for the youthful appearance and feel I was more than skeptical. I was given a treatment and was surprised at the results. The results were just amazing. My skin has actually lifted, ,I swear to God! I've had wonderful results! What more can I expect?” Carol Kenyon, Van Nuys, CA

“ my skin appears more clear and definitely a softer. Fine lines under my eyes have become less visible. This is my second order and can't wait to try the Purely Poreless!” Lori Ann Hartmenett, Bayonne, NJ

“I've tried some of the best skin-care products from around the world, but nothing like your ‘green goo’ as my husband calls it, leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed yet more moist, soft, and smoother than before. I can't say enough about it. Everyone should try it!!” Paige Marrs, Los Angeles, CA

“… I've been using it for 10 days and that change is amazing! My skin feels and looks 15 years younger…There's a ‘sheen’ to my skin, a pink glow that's incredible! I look wonderful, people say ‘you must be in love’ …” The attention is fun and I feel so good about how I look.” Cheri, restaurant manager, Belmont Shore, CA

“I tried everything under the sun. I had just visited a plastic surgeon and we were scheduling a dermabrasion appointment when I happened upon the product. Well, Thank God I found it when I did, or I would be living with a lot less skin to protect me from the sun, etc. The products worked wonders. I actually look like my promotional photos! I can't recommend her products more highly.” Jenny J., Singer, Actress, Alta Dena, CA

“… I grew up in Hawaii and baked on the beach, so the sun damage was severe…My co-workers swore I'd had a chemical peel, but I been at work every day, so I couldn't have! I can not tell you how changed I am!” Patricia B., flight attendant, Bel Air, CA

“… after months of trying standard remedies, my 13 year old daughter's acne at her hair line cleared up overnight with her first application of SeaMasque…” Richard B., Recording Studio Owner, LA, CA

“… there was an immediate difference… I was afraid I was imagining it. I've always had trouble skin, and dry in spots, oily in spots and for as long as I can remember, I have had tiny little bumps under my skin on my forehead…. In three weeks they were GONE! It looks better now than it did when I was a pre-acne kid… my skin has a glow and is so clear…wrinkles tightening. I will use your products for life! Danielle, fund raiser, Marina del Rey, CA

“I am so in love with your skin goo I don’t know where to begin! …when I rinsed off the scrub, WOW! My skin felt like a baby’s butt!…I don’t freak out at all anymore…it cuts through heavy TV and stage makeup…I honestly think my face is going back in time!…more of a glow than when I’ve been pregnant!” Marla, actress, Santa Monica, CA

“My boyfriend wants me to use it everyday…I thought I was the only one who noticed the difference!” Kristi, graphic designer, Klamath Falls, OR

“only mistake was sharing my precious supply with my daughter. She is 17 and very conscious of health and skin-care. She ‘borrows’ my jar of green goo and insists her skin is so much softer after using it…I need more!” Iris, mom, business owner, Sun Valley, ID

“… especially in the winter months, it's not just a luxury anymore, but a necessity. With the fair, dry skin that runs in my family ( my mom had a face lift at 40, can you believe it?) my sisters and I have been searching for the perfect product. I believe it is SeaMasque! There are too many people out there who are looking for this product.” Patti, actress, North Hollywood, CA

“…I want more… I could tell right away was working to bring the circulation up to the surface. Blackheads of all around my nose, and believe it or not, the fourth time I used it, the red marks are gone! My skin glows like never before.” Joan, model, mom, Seattle, WA

“God but that is the greatest goop. Pure magic!…” Jacqueline S., artist in residence, Silver City, NM “First, I love your product! It leaves my face with a very nice tight YET supple feeling (how is that for a print ad?)…” Gerry Sue, airline executive, LA

“to thank you again for your fantastic seaweed mask. I had a photo shoot and had been crying the night before so my eyes and face were very puffy…after 20 minutes I looked fresh, well rested and it was glowing. It’s !*&(%$ awesome how well it works! I want to rep your line! I’m already selling it to all my friends!” Tanya, model, actress, Studio City, CA

“… I have a sluggish metabolism and it sucked out the poisons in my skin…cleared it up completely.” Sue W., singer, Studio City, CA “…my skin has never been so smooth…I use it every morning before shaving as a scrub.” Kevin M., LA, CA